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Pretty much I use some variant of Nirial for everything because I have for years and refuse to change it now. Its brought me too much luck.
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Player Information ;

Your Nickname:Niriall
OOC Journal:
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niriall(I use this name for just about everything.)
Under 18? over
Characters Played at Singularity: None. I'm new. 

Character Information;
Name: Project Freelancer Pilot designation 479
Canon/AU/Original: Canon
Wiki here!
Canon Point: Season 9, End of Episode 15

Halo canon affecting RVB: About five hundred years into the future, humans have spread to the stars. The United Nations Space Command has a war on it's hands, and so far the humans are losing. The alien forces known as the Covenant are glassing planets and killing large populations of humans. Halo canon is not always true for RVB, and in many cases it is simply outright irrelevant. Many fans (such as the person writing this application, when she first started RVB) watched RVB with little to no knowledge of Halo canon.

Project Freelancer: So the UNSC looks for magic-bullet programs to end the war. Some weapon that they can effectively use to fight off the alien threat and prevent the human race from going extinct. One such project created the Spartans. This particular project created the freelancers. Each freelancer was equipped with a hi-tech suit of exp-skeletal armor, and a “freelancer power” which gave them an edge in the field. Some where equipped with AI as well, but that was after the point from which 479 is being pulled. 

Project Freelancer was in command of one large UNSC Frigate ship, with a program called FILSS running it, several much smaller Pelican ships, and had a staff and crew running it. It also had a number of training and simulation bases filled with pretty much the worst of the worst soldiers they could find to send the Freelancers to practice on. Said simulation troopers were put on one of two teams (red or blue) and were then run through various scenarios. The freelancer in question would be sent to help the team through the scenario. The Project also 

Project Freelancer did send its agents on more important missions however, the most important one currently known being the Sarcophagus mission, which led to the collapse of a 110 story building, tons of roadway damages, and other losses to what the freelancer agents and any most staff were told was “insurrectionist assets”. 

Little is known of the period after the Sarcophagus mission other than it led many Freelancers to leave the program, and go truly freelance. There was an attempted breakout of the Alpha AI, who had been tortured and split (the pieces implanted into various freelancers, which is how they found out) and led straight to the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. 

479 specifically stopped piloting during this period of time, and became the Radio Voice from both season 6, and the mini-series “Recovery One”.

The Blood Gulch Chronicles consisted of the first five seasons of Red vs Blue, where the Alpha AI (who believes himself to be a ghost) is hidden away on one of the training bases (Blood Gulch) with the Blue Team Simulation troopers. These seasons follow all the shenanigans that happen at said training outpost.

Halo Canon: In the 26th century humans have spread to the stars, and as such have moved on to live in star systems much farther off- colonizing planets as they saw fit. As history has shown- the larger a human empire grows the more likely there is to be civil war. Many colonies did not want to be ruled by a government based far
from where they were located.
These colonies rebelled, and were known as insurrectionists.
However, previously unknown to the humans, a group of aliens (urged by their leaders, the Prophets) began to attack and subsequently destroy planets found with human life- beginning the Human Covenant war which lasted from February 2525 until December 2552.
During this war human victories were few, and minor at that. But usually said victories were heavily assisted by a group of soldiers called Spartans.
The Spartan project was run by Dr Halsey, and it actually started before the Covenant-Human war, in response to the insurrection not aliens. As one Red vs Blue character described projects such as Spartan and Freelancer, it was intended as a “magic bullet to end the war.”
The Spartans were first selected via genetic traits and then, believe it or not, luck. Halsey visited each of the candidates personally before they were chosen. Oh yeah- and said candidates were young children.
Replaced with flash clones intended to die quickly, these children were sent through much training, chemical enhancements, and then more training. The chemical enhancements made them much stronger, faster, and bigger than pretty much any other humans. The Spartan who led the other was John-117. Also known as Master Chief.
Upon the defeat of one of humanities last strongholds, Reach, John (thought to be the last of the spartans) along with the crew of the ship Pillar of Autumn escaped- accidentaly stumbling across the first Halo ring.
The seven Halo rings were weapons built by an ancient civilization called the Forerunners who were trying to stop the Flood- a biological entity capable of destroying all life, from overrunning the universe.
The Forerunners put samples of various species in stasis and activated the Halo rings- which destroy all sentient life forms and thus the Flood- who need sentient life to use as hosts.
Upon stumbling upon the halo rings, the Covenant and Humans alike were faced with the release of the flood once again.
Master Chief destroyed the first two rings and the Prophets (the Covenant Leaders) were proven to be liars who knew that the Halo rings were weapons .
The Arbiter, upon realizing this betrayal, joined the humans and helped fight off the flood and defeated the prophets.
Halo 4 is coming out but it is unsure what is going to happen in said game.

Red vs blue Canon:

Blood Gulch (seasons 1-5)
 The Reds and Blues specifically are known as the main characters, and so far have gone through a great deal of change throughout the series, as they discover more and more of the hidden details of why they were sent to the box canyon in the middle of nowhere. 
The original Church was discovered to be the Alpha AI who was tortured and split into many pieces (Such as Epsilon, the memory, and Omega- the anger and also a main villain for about 5 years) . However he thought he was a ghost, and called himself  Leonard Church after the man he was based off of- The Director of Project Freelancer.
Agent Texas most likely came to rescue or at least protect him, but it is unclear exactly WHAT
 she was doing there.

Reconstruction (Season 6):
 Between Season 6 and season 5 the Reds and Blues were all relocated from Blood Gulch and separated. The Meta, a group of AI controlling and twisting the mind of Agent Maine, now call themselves the Meta and are hunting down other freelancers and stealing their AI and Freelancer Equipment as well. Agent Washington is tasked with gathering the different members of Blood Gulch Chronicles (in the end hes partially successful and manages to gather 5 out of the original 8) and then track down the Meta to stop it. During this period of time 479 is already the Radio Voice of command and relays information both from and to command.
On catching up with and killing Agent South (who was under fire from the Meta) they aquire the Delta AI (Alpha's Logic) who is put in Caboose's head. Then on trying to kill the Meta again they loose Delta, but not without him leaving a message in Caboose's head so Washington finds out that Church is the Alpha.
Then they infiltrated command, luring the Meta inside, and set off an Ehmp (EMP)
 and killing all the AI except for Epsilon (Wash's AI, and also Alpha's Memory) including the orignal Texas and Alpha!Church from BGC and Omega (says Burnie).
The reds and Caboose and Epsilon escape to Valhalla and Washington is sent to prison.
Everyone involved with Project Freelancer is sent to Jail including Agent Washington, and the Director (revealed at this time to be the person Church is based off of).

Mini Series Relocated+Season 7:
 The Reds and Caboose setlle into their respective bases at Valhalla when Donut appears and tells them that Tucker is in trouble in a Desert. Grif Sarge and Caboose (who takes Epsilon wit him) go to help Tucker so they can bring him back and even the teams to be fair enough to fight each other.
Simmons and Donut and Lopez  (The Red Team's Robot servant who somehow got there via the powers of comedy during the mini series) stay behind. 
The Reds and Caboose stumble onto a digsite in the desert, run by CT and made up of a mix of Aliens and Humans who are revealed to have killed the original owners of the digsite, and then manage to piss said people off. The temple in the middle of the digsite opens to reveal none other than Tucker, and all end up inside and Epsilon is transferred to a monitor similiar to what Guilty Spark from Halo existed inside.
They are told there is a weapon inside of the temple but are not told exactly what it is- just that CT and the others are after it.
CT uses a drill to break into the temple and cue fight scene ending in CT's death and a victory for the Reds and Blues. Except for the fact that the aliens are still there and they worship Epsilon's monitor body.
Also Epsilon is now also refered to as Church and remembers the events of Blood Gulch via stories told to him by Caboose, and later different characters as well.
Back in Valhalla Washington and the now AI-less Meta are revealed to be working together, and kill both Lopez and Donut- taking Simmons hostage.
It is revealed that Washington (and most probably Meta as well) has made a deal with the Director's old enemy, the Chairman of the Oversight Sub-comitee  to find and retrieve proof of what the Director had done in return for his freedom.

Revelation (season 8):  Doc, a medic from the Blood Gulch Chronicles, is called in to give Meta a check-up by Simmons (who was forced to do it at gunpoint). Both are hostage now. Sarge and Grif  save him, and Church follows. Cue action sequence as all escape except Doc (who got stuck in a wall), and Epsilon passes out.
They return to find the aliens upset that their diety left, and deal with it as best they can. Before Epsilon awakens it is revealed that the MEMORIES of the other AI are inside of him and active. As told to them by his memory of Delta.
Then he and Caboose go to a secret and empty facility of Project Freelancer where they release Church's memory of Texas and she beats the crap out of everyone before they stop her.Then she and Church go to Sidewinder- the location of where they tortured the Alpha, she shoots him and lays a trap for Washington and the Meta as his recovery beacon is set off.
Meta and Washington had been tracking them through the desert, dragging Doc along, and ran across CT revealing she was a she. Also that she was a freelancer who never received an AI. They immediately pick up the Recovery beacon and head in that direction.
Going through old files the Reds and Caboose discover that all they had been through during Blood Gulch was a lie and that there was no real Red and Blue teams. After a brief period depression Sarge leads them to take a pelican and go fight the freelancers and defend Church and Tex.
Meta defeats Texas and uses a capture unit on her, using her to be able to activate his equipment and defeat Washington.
The reds and Caboose get there just in time to stop him from killing Washington, and save Church and Doc as well.
Church reveals that Texas can never really succeed at any of her major personal goals, and after fighting the Meta and throwing him off the edge of the cliff, into the lake (its assumed hes dead) Church enters the capture unit to try and save Texas. He fails and is stuck in there with her. Washington joins Blue team and all go home.

Season 9 BG side: Epsilon attempts to recreate Blood Gulch but everything and everyone is wrong and he fixes it as best he can. He realizes that the only way to really deal with Texas is to let her go, and "forget her". In doing so it seems he has destroyed that copy of her.

Season 9 Project Freelancer Prequel information:The freelancers are being sent on missions to fight what they are told is the Insurrection, although towards the end of the season it is revealed that agents York and North are beginning to wonder if it is really the Insurrection.

Two specific fights with them are fought. The first is at the Cryogenics Facility where North South and Carolina gain information, fighting their way out and escaping on 479's pelican to a large ship that is owned by project Freelancer.
The second fight was where they retrieve the Sarcophagus (which I
 personally suspect contains a Covenant Engineer) from a 110 foot tall story building- fighting in two teams in order to gain the access codes as well (which are located in a brief case of course).
During this fight there are revealed to be Insurrectionists with similiar armor who have the skills and abilities (and the jetpacks) to be capable of facing off against the freelancers and barely loose.
Agent Texas, whose existence was revealed before this fight in a practice match where York loses vision in his eye, ends up appearing and causing Carolina (the current #1 in the rankings) to be extremely jealous when she saves the mission twice. First by kicking the sarcophagus into the back of 479's Pelican, the second being when she grabs the briefcase before Carolina does.
This mission is also where Agent Maine loses his voice, not that he used it much before he lost it anyways.

Also shown during this season is that CT has been sending information and messages to the insurrectionists secretly (and thus is a traitor) as well as that Delta is the oldest of the AI Fragments (not including Alpha obviously).  This means that they have and edge over Project Freelancer now  as well as enough money to own an oil platform/cryogenics facility and a 110 story building with enough security to defend a 110 story building.

479 was one of said staff members, and namely her job was to run the Pelican marked Eagle 479. She is shown to be what is likely THE best pilot working for project freelancer, namely due to being the one sent on the highest priority missions (such as the named Sarcophagus mission), with the top ranking freelancers.

She is also privy to a great deal of information, being allowed into meetings discussing the upcoming mission she is helping in. However, she most likely did not know about the project's upcoming...darker projects.

479 has shown herself to be, above all else, a military woman. She is capable of keeping calm under extreme stresses as most pilots are, and dealing with distractions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the other hand she can be pretty sarcastic, even while being completely down-to-business in calm-pilot-mode. One of her strongest traits in battle is that she finds the time to be sarcastic- most likely to blow off steam as her pelican's engines are failing and she is describing the situation as “crashy”.

Something from later canon that must be noted is what is known about her after she was no longer a pelican pilot. Burnie, the writer and creator of Red vs Blue, has acknowledged that 479 is in fact the female Radio Voice from Out of Mind, and Recreation (season 6) of Red vs Blue. She is no longer a pilot at this point of time, and is much more bored. This shows clearly, and is pretty much how she would react over time to finding herself on Sacrosanct without something exciting there to keep her busy. And I'm sure there will be periods of time where there's PLENTY of that but the quiet times will cause her to be bitchier than usual.

From what we've seen she has a battle-buddy relationship with Carolina, but not so much with South. Judging by this its probable that as long as you have enough of a sense of humor to deal with sarcasm you should get along with her fine.

Also she stood up to South just fine, and technically she was outranked. I don’t think she'll be intimated easily either.

From the fact that she's still working at Project Freelancer after the whole mess goes down I cant judge much. It could be it was the only thing she could do and the line was drawn for her, but it could also be a point counted towards loyalty or greed seeing as we have no idea how much she knows. I'm betting its a mix of the first two, seeing as 479 has seemed to be a more practically-minded person in my opinion.

Honestly I’m relying a bit on head-canon for some stuff so I will have to deal with whatever happens next season, when most likely we will see her become the Radio Voice lady. However canon updates should cover that neatly if and when it happens, and I’m prepared to adjust how I RP her accordingly as new info comes up.

Another trait of hers is that unlike almost every other character IN the Red Vs Blue universe she has not used a single curse word, even when it looked like her pelican was going to crash. The other notable examples being the Director, the Chairman and the Councilor it can be assumed that unless given EXTREME reasons to (which I would list under being in extreme amounts of pain) she wont utter any curse words. This is something of importance seeing as there’s a video easily found of every curse word uttered in the first five seasons and it lasts about 5 to 6 minutes.

Obviously she is a very good driver, and will grasp how do drive new vehicles quickly if given access to them
Works for the military, so she does know how to defend herself with either gun or in hand to hand combat
Things Pilots are known for apply here;
  • Slightly faster reaction time.
  • Nothing too far outside the norm but definitely higher than average.
  • Knows what to do when falling from heights
  • Keeping calm in stressful situations

Pilots tend to be smaller, so I'm going with her being about 5 ft 2 in tall, on the shorter side. Its supported by the poster in the Rooster Teeth store with all the Freelancer characters on it. This will be disadvantage when it comes to several things- definitely including hand to hand combat.
Like I said- she gets bored. And for her, boredom means she gets bitchier. I’m going to put this under a weakness because it seems it would impair how she'd get along with people.
As the best pilot in project freelancer, and as someone who has been seen doing some things in Pelicans that I think are actually impossible when not animated by Monty Oum Id say she probably has slight overconfidence when it comes to those skills, although she probably would not show off.

Besides her armor, she was never shown to be actually armed with a weapon besides her Pelican. 
I will most likely be canon updating her, come season 10, but till then shes got the clothes on her back, and the armor on top of said clothes.

As one of the RVB characters without face reveals, it is speculated she'll get one next season so Ill change this to fit better if she does.
What IS known is that she is smaller than all the freelancers, as well as both the Director and the Councilor- and is the shortest person associated with Project Freelancer.
Her armor is pretty standard light gray ODST Halo armor except a great deal less heavy duty, and minus armor for her arms besides a small plate on her upper arm. Her helmet has wing symbols on it, one on either side.  

Note: For a PB 
FOR NOW I will be using Jessica Stroup because there are pictures with 
short black/brown hair, or if long there are pictures with it in a bun.  Blue eyes are a bonus. I will be looking for a new PB but for now? This'll work.

mid to late twenties.


Log Sample: 
479 lived to be in this moment right now, the pelican facing almost straight down as the freelancers worked to get the Sarcophagus on board. She definitely loved the thrill of it, although she remained entirely serious. It was too high risk to waste any time on tricks, and it was too dangerous.

As soon as Texas and Washington were on board she immediately pulled up hard and fast, narrowly missing the ground as it were.

Texas climbed into the cockpit, ordering “get the Package back to Command! Now!”

479 simply responded with a quick “On it!” but really now. Want to tell her anything else she doesn't already know? But she's not going to say anything, really. After all, there are more important things to be dealing with. 

Command this is Four-Seven-Niner, the Sarcophagus is secure, I repeat the Sarcophagus is secure, we are inbound. I managed to secure two agents. Remaining team members are unknown. I repeat

Wait did Texas just jump out of the back of the Pelican? Here's hoping she brought a parachute, then, because 479 can't really turn around right now even if she wanted to.

Actually make that one Agent. "

She presses some buttons, preparing the Pelican to leave the atmosphere again as she listens to Commands response, and grabs the lever with her right hand to speed the Bird upwards-
Except the lever isn't exactly there anymore. Or the rest of the Pelican for that matter..

And instead of the feeling that she gets when the Bird is ascending she's got an entirely OPPOSITE feeling.

Yup- she's falling. Like most pilot's 479 has had training on what to do though, and so is barely able to (reflexively) orient herself and attempt to roll when she hits the ground. Not that it helps much when she lands on a small hill made pile of...stuff and continues to roll on the way down.

On coming to a stop the pilot groans, but picks herself up and moves to a more hidden spot. For all she knew she was in the middle of a mission and somehow fell out of the cockpit of the Bird. It made no sense, but it was all she had to go on. The terrain also made little sense, seeing as it was much darker than the area she'd been flying over- and she hadn't heard anything about a junkyard in the briefing. And she fell too short a distance seeing as the Pelican had been leaving the Planet's atmosphere...

Checking herself and her armor over for serious damage she figures she'll live, albeit be sore in the morning. Her armor has a couple of dents and scratches but it did it's job and took the brunt of the force without breaking. Nothing that can't be fixed easily.

Time to try the radio on the Freelancer-Command frequency.
Command this is Eagle Four-Seven-Niner, do you read me?”She's greeted with static.The Freelancer-operative radio Channel gives more of the same. She's not really one for cursing, but this situation is almost deserving of a few choice words as she attempts the channel reserved for emergencies, and finally decides to flick through random stations and see if she could pick up anything at all (though she would only respond to Freelancer). Still nothing.

479's not too sure what's going on, but at the least if she isn't picking up anything period it means that either she's out of range or all radios are down- both Freelancer and otherwise. And that means she's on her own.

Network Sample:
[She lurks for all of about five minutes before realizing exactly who some of these people were. She's used to hearing a lot of them voice-only over the radio, after all.]

100% Encryption to just Freelancers, the Director and the Councilor Voice Only.
This is Eagle 479 reporting. [you can almost hear the small grin in her voice as she adds] Sorry I'm late.

Free For All also Voice Only:
The station AI has filled me in a bit but... is there anything it doesn't know that I should know? Also please tell me there are some sort of vehicles here.


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